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Why use graphs?

Because Graphs create value!

Graphs simplify managing structured data of any kind!

Simply model your use cases as graphs and exploit the power of graph libraries or graph databases to efficiently transform, store and access your structured data. The natural flexibility of the graph model makes it easy to adapt to changing application requirements. This flexibility is responsible for the many graph applications found in practice. Examples include: The provisioning of connected Information in social networks like LinkedIn or Facebook, the implementation of complex systems consisting of interconnected sensors or simply the organization of connected data whose complex structure makes using it in tabular form inefficient.


Graphs enable the analysis of structured data of any kind!

Representing complex data as a graph opens up powerful analysis and visualizationalization possibilities. It simply is intuitive and fun to explore data that is given as a graph. Try for yourself, zoom in and interact with the complicated-looking graph next to this text. What is this data about? Hint: Nodes are players and edges illustrated the “who with whom”. Applications of graphs in data science and visualization tasks appear organically when the connection between data points become more important that the points themselves. Examples for this include the analysis of social networks or the visualization of complex processes of various sorts.

Graphs uncover the essential relations between the entities that drive your success!

Your operation uses structured data and processes aiming to get the maximum use out of them. However, proper data management requires strategies to meet various challenges connected to the handling of data. Decision makers and visionaries are challenged to understand and keep track of the bigger picture. Thinking in terms of graphs and deploying graph concepts offer additional tools to keep up with the complexity of such challenges and enable better decision-making.


k33 presents:

Our Three pillars of Graph usage

Data Science and Graphs

Improve the understanding of complex data and generate valuable insights using graph methods.

Data and Graphs

Manage complex data cleverly to enable simple and intuitive applications using graph data bases.

Algorithms and Graphs

Where structure can be properly described as a graph, many problems can be solved using graph algorithms.

Our Services

Your Value:

Through the eyes of Data Scientists, Data Engineers and Software Engineers, we add knowledge and skills in the area of graphs to your cause.

Strategy Session

  • Make acquaintance
  • Assessment of your challenges
  • Assessment of your options
  • Professional Q&A
  • Recommendation for further steps
  • ...

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  • Get to know graph technologies
  • Understand demand and usage of graphs
  • Gauge implications of graph technologies
  • ...

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  • Access to expert knowledge
  • Access to best-practice
  • Development of solution concepts based on graphs
  • Estimation of required ressources
  • Prevention of costly mistakes
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  • Effective start into working with graphs
  • Realistic case studies
  • Promote independet working with graphs
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You want to use the right structure, to do the right thing the right way?! Excellent, we help you!

k33 offers a range of services supporting anyone who wants to get started or already works with graphs in a professional capacity. We pride ourselves on being independent experts on almost all things graphs with a supplementary background in Software Engineering, Data Science and Data Engineering. We adhere to the highest standards of work which we successfully implement in both research as well as in an industrial settings. Once you get to know us, you will see that we are different.


A thank you to our clients and partners!

Wherever things become complex and connected thinking is required, challenges will be found. Together we combine your domain knowledge with our expertise. In doing so we create new approaches or improve upon time-tested solutions. We are grateful to our clients for their trust.

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    During Federation of Austrian Industry meeting on the topic of R&D Michael Dirnberger explainend to our members how graphs can be used to utilize abstract structure in a systematic way in order to solve concrete problems through connected thinking.


    Karlheinz Rink

    Federation of Austrian Industry, Section Styria

    It is a good idea to have Michael on your team. And it is a better idea to have him on your team in the early stages of your project. The questions he asked did help me understand the problems I wanted to solve. In a sense, Michael brings some very valuable Anti-Scrum to projects. He wants to find the definition of a problem, and then a good solution. While working on a project involving Graphs, and an ETL-pipeline for GIS data, I have learned A LOT, both conceptual and technical. I still use the lessons learned today on other projects. My employer should definitely be happy about the added value that Michael planted in our company, and I am, too, because working with him has been motivating and fun.


    Dr. Andreas Christ

    Senior Data Scientist, Lighthouse KPMG Deutschland

    I had the great pleasure of working with Michael on an innovative project in the insurance domain. We were looking into an opportunity to help life insurers accelerate modernization of their IT platforms using statistical algorithms in the data migration processes. Michael did a great job structuring the problem and nailing down the key success factors for our ideas to work. We are currently testing the solution with a couple of major players in Germany. To whomever this concerns – go and grab what Michaels has to offer: creativity, commitment and great teaming. My big recommendation!


    Mag. Bartek Maciaga

    Consulting Partner, KPMG Germany

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