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k33 was started by:

Mag. Dr. Michael Dirnberger


My name is Michael Dirnberger.

Interest and enthusiasm have kept me working with graphs and their applications for many years. Today, via my company k33 Experts, I share my experience and knowledge with those seeking to utilize graphs themselves.

I have studied theoretical physics at the Karl-Franzens University in beautiful Graz, Austria.

After that I was privileged to go to Saarbr├╝cken, Germany to complete a PhD in Computer Science at the Max Planck Insititute for Informatics. My PhD Advisor was Prof. Dr. mult. Kurt Mehlhorn, an internationally acclaimed expert on the topic of Algorithms and Graphs.

During my interdisciplinary PhD research I had ample opportunity to study the theoretical and practical aspects of graphs and was able to successfully apply my knowledge in both research and teaching.

After the completion of my PhD I decided to transfer the knowledge and experience gained from academia to an industrial setting.

I started out as a Senior Data Scientist working for Data Science specialist Kiana Systems. A little later I found myself working in the Advanced Analytics Division of KPMG Lighthouse Germany

Soon I realized the enormous potential of applying graphs and technologies based on graphs in an industrial setting. Unfortunately, due to various reasons this potential is hardly being explored, save realized.


How to utilize graphs to create value?

To answer this question I founded the company k33 Experts, pronounced “k three three Experts”.

k33 supports all those who recognize the strategic importance of graphs and who are keen on making use of their potential.

In this context it is secondary to us whether you have never heard about graphs before, have some basic knowledge or are already using graphs successfully for quite some time.

Whatever your situation might be, with our services we pick you up where you currently stand and help you reach the next level in using graphs or technologies based on graphs.

Our Mission:

k33 is your guide to graphs

We are experts who support our customers to the best of our knowledge and belief. Our values are characterized by a scientific approach to our work. Our high demands with regard to ourselves make the difference, not only for our customers, but also for us.

Theory and Application

k33 distinguishes itself through several years of experience in combining theoretical and practical aspects of using graphs. This includes concepts, algorithms and models that are used both in research and in industrial settings.

We firmly believe that the combination of theory and practical knowledge often yields the most promising solutions that work reliably in the long run.


Staying on top

We believe that constant learning is required to truly maintain an expert status. The technical topics that we love are ever-developing and in constant flux. Staying on top of new developments is vital for us as experts.

For this reason frequent extension, renewal and improvement of our own knowledge and methods is a critical part of our business. Challenging and pushing ourselves and our level of expertise constantly is second nature for us.


Transfer of knowledge

The true value of knowledge shows when it is applied. Providing our customers with the knowledge they need to succeed is vital to us. Teaching goes both ways however, we are always looking to learn what our customers have to share.

Learning and teaching are at the heart of k33. Many years of teaching engagements in university underlines our commitment to sharing what we know.

In fact, we believe that a true expert should always be ready to contribute by sharing his or her knowledgde/experience in their field of expertise.


Tunnel vision?! No, thanks.

Deep specialization is vital for experts, however, there is a danger to tunnel too hard. Graphs for example, rarely exist or are used in isolation.

More often than not, the usage of graphs in realistic applications is coupled to other systems, such as databases, webservice or similar applications.

Thus we believe that our experts must be knowledgabe beyond graphs, allowing for an efficient connection between graphs and the rest of the world. In this context k33 is extremely proud to offer its customers significant competence in the areas of Data Science, Data Engineering and Software Engineering.


k33 Experts - Your Guide To Graphs

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