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Free Strategy Session

In a one-one-one session we focus on your individual situation and determine how we can help you.


What can we do for you?

In a casual call we introduce ourselves personally and answer your questions. The aim is to get to know each other and to get a first impression of your individual situation. Can your application be interpreted using graphs in a meaningful way? Can this fresh point of view in combination with our expert knowledge help you to achieve a breakthrough?

If so, what could a collaboration with k33 look like and which of our services are best suited for your purpose. Needless to say, if utilizing Graphs doesn’t appear to be promising, we will advise against it. This is true in particular, if we feel that a different technology is going to be a better choice for you.

Thus, to get answers to these and other questions we warmly invite you to come talk to us. We are looking forward to it.

As experts, your trust is our livelihood. From day one, we support you to the best of our knowledge and belief.


    • Free strategy session
    • Uncomplicated contact


    • Personal consultation
    • No-nonsense approach
    • Introduction of our services
    • Answers to your questions


    • Professional assessment of your situation
    • Recommendation for further steps
    • Get to know us

    Let them talk!


    We come to you or to your event and inspire your team or your guests with exciting talks.


    Why are graphs interesting?

    Graphs and technologies based on graphs allow us to work with arbitrary connected information in a structured and efficient manner. Due to their high level of abstraction, graphs can be used across a spectrum of different situations in a variety of different way. As a result, graphs can be useful to almost everyone.

    In our keynotes we introduce the concept of graphs and demonstrate their advantages using practical applications

    After our talks we’d like to hear our audience say something along the lines of:

    “Yeah, I’ve got a new perspective regarding the use of structured data. I now see the guiding principle behind it.”

    To achieve this, we introduce and answer a number of key questions regarding graphs. These could look as follows:

    • What are graphs?
    • Where are graphs used?
    • How are graphs used?
    • What are pros and cons of using graphs?
    • ...


    • Unique expertise
    • Effective communication
    • Interactive style
    • Experienced speaker


    • Topics selected according to audience
    • Relevant for beginners and advanced people
    • Experts answering questions


    • Get to know graph technologies
    • Understand demand and usage of graphs
    • Gauge implications

    Experts have your back


    We contribute experience and knowledge regarding Graphs towards solving your problems. Together we can achieve more.


    Graphs are a key technology

    You intend to conduct a professional and detailed assessment of whether the usage of graphs in your domain is possible and profitable? You have a problem you suspect to be solvable through the use of graphs and you would like to have an expert’s opinion available from the start?

    If you answer these or similar questions with yes, then k33 is the right partner for you. With our consultations we support you and your team when it comes to the correct, efficient and effective use of graphs and graph based technologies. Needless to say, we bring our complementary knowledge in data science, data engineering and software engineering to bear in order to help you get your problem solved.


      • Unique expertise in graphs
      • Significant complementary skills and knowledge
      • Effective communication
      • Team-oriented style


      • Independent view on the situation
      • Access to expert knowledge
      • Access to best-practice
      • Development of solution options
      • Estimation of required resources
      • Determination of knowledge gaps


      • Prompt development of flexible solution concepts based on graphs
      • Reduced costs of implementing graph solutions
      • Prevention of costly mistakes

      This is how it is done!


      Graphs and graph based technologies are tools. We teach you and your team how to use them professionally.


      Working with graphs

      Practical working with graphs typically involves the use of one or more programming languages. Through dedicated graph libraries or graph databases applications can be build which showcase the strengths of graphs.

      We support you and your team in building the required skills allowing efficient and effective working with graphs.

      Key topics for courses and workshops include:

      • Basics and concepts
      • Introduction to graph algorithms
      • Graphs in python and C++
      • Graph databases
      • Complementary topics
      • Best practice
      • Error prevention
      • ...


      • Experienced lecturer and programmer
      • Modern interactive teaching methods
      • Hands-on lectures
      • Realistic examples and case studies


      • Get to know best practice
      • Get a new view on data
      • Use different programming languages
      • Recognize and prevent mistakes


      • Quick and effective start to working with graphs
      • Promote independent working with graphs
      • Prevent costly mistakes
      • Reduced cost through best practice

      A thank you to our clients and partners!

      Wherever things become complex and connected thinking is required, challenges will be found. Together we combine your domain knowledge with our expertise. In doing so we create new approaches or improve upon time-tested solutions. We are grateful to our clients for their trust.

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