Lytica - Raphael Paschke & Ivan Cossu

Q: What is the name of your business and what is its mission?

Ivan: Our company is named Lytica and we enable organizations to become better through data!

Raphael: Our Mission: Data with strategy and strategy with data!

Q: How did you end up where you are today?

Ivan: I always wanted to start my own business.

Raphael: It was a long path from University onto a large international cooperation, finally ending up in consulting. I always followed the challenges presented by data analysis.

Q: What are the best parts of your day to day work?

Ivan: This one moment where you realize that a client is positively surprised by your work and the insights generated.

Raphael: Learning and testing new techniques and extracting insights from data.

Q: What keeps you motivated?

Ivan: Seeing how our business and social network grows.

Raphael: Staying curios looking at things from various points of view. Be it the analysis and interpretation of data, reading a history book, tasting fine wine or … there are so many interesting things.

Q: What are your personal principles and values?

Ivan: There are many … ;-) Three of them: (1) Do only things you are fully committed to; (2) Be brave and take decisions that might not seem obvious; (3) Be always present (“the present moment is all we have…”)

Raphael: Competence and reliability with a dash of endurance to succeed eventually.

Q: What does success look like to you?

Ivan: Having clear principles and values and living in line with those.

Raphael: A happy customer - a new insight - a tasteful menu including wine - it depends.

Q: What helps you grow personally?

Ivan: Consciously going out of my comfort zone.

Raphael: Quality conversations with friends.

Q: How do you recharge your batteries?

Ivan: At my grandfather’s house in a small farm village in Sardinia.

Raphael: Reading, mostly on the topic of history and culture. Cooking, wine of course and other tasteful things offered by this world.

Q: What else do you want to accomplish in your career?

Ivan: Spending as much time as I can on things I am intrinsically motivated.