Joinpoints - Jakob Deimbacher

Q: What is the name of your business and what is its mission?

Joinpoints GmbH. We help digitize business processes.

Q: How did you end up where you are today?

I always wanted to be self-employed. My passion for technology and effective solutions was a part of me since my days in HTL.

Q: What are the best parts of your day to day work?

Inspire people with new solutions and possibilities.

Q: What keeps you motivated?

The grand goal - To accelerate as many businesses as possible with my ideas and to deliver an even playing field in comparison with the Big Players.

Q: What are your personal principles and values?

Honesty, creative work and that there is a solution for everything.

Q: What does success look like to you?

Reaching personal goals.

Q: What helps you grow personally?

Self-reflextion and optimisation.

Q: How du you recharge your batteries?

By keeping balance between work and life, by relaxing and by indulging oneself from time to time.

Q: What else do you want to accomplish in your career?

To preserve and grow what I have build sofar.